Hayabusa2 mission schedule: provisional version (as of Jan. 23, 2019).

The current schedule for Hayabusa2 is shown below. The dates here are all provisional (unless marked "finished") as operation timings are very susceptible to change due to a wide range of factors, including our knowledge about Ryugu expanding as we approach the asteroid.

We will update the table below whenever changes are made.

Year Month, date Event Status
2018January 10Third stage of ion engine operation begins.
(Hayabusa2 will use its ion engine to make adjustments to its course)
June 3Ion engine operation ends.Complete
June 3Start of asteroid approach. (distance: 3,100 km) Complete
June 27 Arrival at asteroid Ryugu (altitude 20 km).Complete
July 17 - 25BOX-C operation (July 20, Altitude 6km).Complete
July 31 - August 2Medium altitude observations of Ryugu #1 (Aug. 1, altitude 5 km).Complete
August 5 - 10Operation to measure gravity of Ryugu (altitude 851 m).Complete
August 18 - September 7 BOX-B operation (tour observation at altitude 20km) Complete
September 10 - 12 Rehearsal 1 for Touchdown 1 (TD1-R1) (Sep. 12, altitude ~600m) Complete
September 19 - 21 MINERVA-II-1 deployment operation (Sep. 21, altitude ~55m) Complete
September 30 - October 4 MASCOT deployment operation (Oct. 3, altitude ~51m) Complete
October 14 - 16 Rehearsal 1A for Touchdown 1 (TD1-R1-A), (Oct. 15, altitude 22.3m) Complete
October 23 - 25 Rehearsal 3 for Touchdown 1 (TD1-R3), (Oct. 25, altitude 12m) Complete
October 27 - November 5BOX-C operation, (Nov. 1, altitude 2.2km) Complete
November 23 - December 29Operation during solar conjunction
(Communications are disabled during this period, as the Sun is between the Earth and Hayabusa2.)
2019January Box-B operation.Planning
Week of February 18Touchdown 1 Planning
Week of March 4Back up for Touchdown 1 Planning
March - AprilCrater generation operation
(Hayabusa2 will drop the explosive small carry-on impactor (SCI) to generate a crater in order to gather subsurface material)
April - JunePeriod for touchdown operationPlanning
July Period for rover deployment
(Remaining MINERVA-II rovers will be released onto the asteroid surface)
August - NovemberHayabusa2 remains near the asteroid Planning
November - DecemberDeparture from asteroidPlanning

Hayabusa2 project
Jan. 23, 2019

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