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separation operation (TM-ORB) (Real time delivery)

Real time delivery from this operation has been finished.
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Navigation Images from the target marker separation operation (TM-ORB) (September 12 - 17, 2019), taken by the narrow angle camera ONC-T.

We are currently delivering navigation images with the Optical Navigation Camera - Telescopic (ONC-T) in real time.
Please understand that the image may be distorted due to the network status or data processing.

  • Images wil be delibered on September 16. Part of the images at September 12-15 are listed at the bottom of this page.
  • In this operation, unlike the previous descent operation using a wide-angle camera, navigation images are acquired using both the narrow angle camera ONC-T and the wide-angle camera ONC-W1. This time, ONC-T images will be mainly delivered.
  • Interval of the images is scheduled about 40 minutes. It may be shifted due to the operation.
  • The page displays the latest list of images at the time of loading. Please reload the browser window to update to the latest image.
  • Time is given in UTC (Universal Time). For Japan time (JST), please add 9 hours. For Eastern Time (ET), please subtract four hours.
  • Delivery will be finished before the lowest point. To know the operation information, please see Twitter (below).

Latest image

  • Received time: UTC 2019-09-16 14:53

Previous images (inverse time order)

September 12 - 15, 2019 (inverse time order)

Image credit: JAXA