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operation (Real time delivery)

Real time delivery from this operation has been finished.
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Navigation Images from the DO-S01 operation (Mar. 07 - 08, 2019), taken by the wide-angle camera ONC-W1.

We are currently delivering navigation images with the Optical Navigation Camera Wide angle (ONC-W1) in real time.
Please understand that the image may be distorted due to the network status or data processing.

  • The page displays the latest list of images at the time of loading. Please reload the browser window to update to the latest image.
  • Time is given in UTC (Universal Time). For Japan time (JST), please add 9 hours. For Eastern Time (ET), please subtract four hours.
  • We cannot obtain real time images during the sequence of most low altitude. We will tweet the information of that period on Twitter.
  • Brightness was enhanced for the images of UTC 2019-03-07 at ground data processing. Since the opposition effect is bright, enhancement is not applied to the images of UTC 2019-03-08.

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  • Received time: UTC 2019-03-08 03:36

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Image credit: JAXA