TOPICSA book on the technology and engineering of
the Hayabusa2 mission has been published

A book focused on the engineering and technology developed for the Hayabusa2 mission has been published in English by Elsevier. The book is not aimed at a general audience, but rather consists of a collection of technical papers discussing specialized topics. However, if you have a university-level knowledge of space engineering, you are likely to be able to understand the topics discussed.

In total, the book consists of 584 pages in 27 chapters. The table below shows the chapter titles and main authors. The total number of co-authors is just under 100. The contents cover an overview of the Hayabusa2 project, the spacecraft system, trajectory choices, the main equipment such as the engine and sample capsule, the lander and rovers, the details of the various operations such as descent, touchdown, the impact experiment, and Earth re-entry. In the last two chapters, the outreach activities and the Extended mission are also explained.

If you are interested in planetary exploration or space engineering in the future, or if you are not satisfied with the articles released in our outreach program or in the media, then do consider this book. From this volume, we think you will be able to obtain information on how Hayabusa2 was devised, and what the spacecraft actually performed.

The book was authored by the people who designed and operated Hayabusa2, so the contents is written objectively, but there are also place where the love for Hayabusa2 shines through. It may be interesting to look out for such expression while reading the book!

Technological Innovations and Advances
Edited by Masatoshi Hirabayashi and Yuichi Tsuda
Copyright © 2022 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-0-323-99731-7

Chapter Title / authors
1 Title Hayabusa2 as the beginning of deep space sample return
Authors Yuichi Tsuda, Makoto Yoshikawa, Masatoshi Hirabayashi, and Shota Kikuchi
2 Title Mission objectives, planning, and achievements of Hayabusa2
Authors Yuichi Tsuda, Satoru Nakazawa, Makoto Yoshikawa, Takanao Saiki, Fuyuto Terui, Masahiko Arakawa, Masanao Abe, Kohei Kitazato, Seiji Sugita, Shogo Tachibana, Noriyuki Namiki, Satoshi Tanaka, Tatsuaki Okada, Hitoshi Ikeda, and Sei-ichiro Watanabe
3 Title Spacecraft system design of Hayabusa2
Authors Takeshi Oshima, Fuyuto Terui, and Yuichi Tsuda
4 Title Earth-Ryugu round-trip trajectory design and operation result
Authors Yuichi Tsuda, Masatoshi Matsuoka, Takaaki Kato, Kazutaka Nishiyama, Takanao Saiki, and Hiroshi Takeuchi
5 Title Orbit determination for Hayabusa2
Authors YHiroshi Takeuchi, Sho Taniguchi, Tsutomu Ichikawa, Julie Bellerose, Zahi Tarzi, Davide Farnocchia, Makoto Yoshikawa, Takanao Saiki, and Yuichi Tsuda
6 Title Hayabusa2 reentry and recovery operations of the sample return capsule
Authors Satoru Nakazawa, Kosuke Kawahara, Tetsuya Yamada, Naoyuki Fujita, Takahiro Ishimaru, Akira Miura, Taichi Ito, Daisuke Hayashi, Kazuhisa Fujita, Hideyuki Tanno, Hirotaka Sawada, Satoshi Tanaka, Noboru Kobiki, Takanao Saiki, and Yuichi Tsuda
7 Title Overview of the Hayabusa2 asteroid proximity operations
Authors Takanao Saiki, Yuto Takei, Atsushi Fujii, Shota Kikuchi, Fuyuto Terui, Yuya Mimasu, Naoko Ogawa, Go Ono, Kent Yoshikawa, Satoshi Tanaka, Makoto Yoshikawa, Satoru Nakazawa, and Yuichi Tsuda
8 Title GNC design and results of Hayabusa2’s initial remote sensing operations
Authors Yuto Takei, Takanao Saiki, Yuya Mimasu, Kent Yoshikawa, Shota Kikuchi, Satoshi Tanaka, Go Ono, Naoko Ogawa, Hiroshi Takeuchi, Hitoshi Ikeda, Atsushi Fujii, Chikako Hirose, Hirotaka Sawada, Fuyuto Terui, and Yuichi Tsuda
9 Title Controlled descent of Hayabusa2 to Ryugu
Authors Go Ono, Naoko Ogawa, Hiroshi Takeuchi, Hitoshi Ikeda, Yuto Takei, Fuyuto Terui, Yuya Mimasu, Kent Yoshikawa, Takanao Saiki, and Yuichi Tsuda
10 Title Landing site selection for the Hayabusa2 mission: Pre-arrival training and post-arrival analyses
Authors Shota Kikuchi, Tomohiro Yamaguchi, Sei-ichiro Watanabe, Hikaru Yabuta, Koji Wada, Takanao Saiki, Yuto Takei, Satoshi Tanaka, and Yuichi Tsuda
11 Title MINERVA-II-1 A/B asteroid rover: Deployment and landing
Authors Kent Yoshikawa, Stefaan Van Wal, Yuya Mimasu, Naoko Ogawa, Go Ono, Fuyuto Terui, Takanao Saiki, and Yuichi Tsuda
12 Title MASCOT lander release operation
Authors Yuya Mimasu, Kent Yoshikawa, Go Ono, Naoko Ogawa, Fuyuto Terui, Yuto Takei, Takanao Saiki, Tra-Mi Ho, Aurelie Moussi, and Yuichi Tsuda
13 Title Superior solar conjunction phase: Design and operations
Authors Stefania Soldini, Hiroshi Takeuchi, Sho Taniguchi, Shota Kikuchi, Yuto Takei, Go Ono, Takafumi Ohnishi, Takanao Saiki, Yuichi Tsuda, Fuyuto Terui, Naoko Ogawa, Yuya Mimasu, Atsushi Fujii, Satoru Nakazawa, Tomohiro Yamaguchi, Kent Yoshikawa, Yusuke Oki, Chikako Hirose, Hirotaka Sawada, and Makoto Yoshikawa
14 Title Touchdown operation planning, design, and results
Authors Fuyuto Terui, Shota Kikuchi, Yuto Takei, Yuya Mimasu, Hirotaka Sawada, Takanao Saiki, and Yuichi Tsuda
15 Title Hayabusa2’s kinetic impact experiment
Authors Takanao Saiki, Hirotaka Sawada, Kazunori Ogawa, Yuya Mimasu, Yuto Takei, Masahiko Arakawa, Toshihiko Kadono, Koji Wada, Atsushi Fujii, Fuyuto Terui, Naoko Ogawa, Go Ono, Kei Shirai, Rie Honda, Ko Ishibashi, Naoya Sakatani, Kent Yoshikawa, Makoto Yoshikawa, Satoru Nakazawa, and Yuichi Tsuda
16 Title Orbiting experiment of artificial objects deployed from Hayabusa2
Authors Yusuke Oki, Kent Yoshikawa, Yuto Takei, Hiroshi Takeuchi, Hitoshi Ikeda, Shota Kikuchi, Naoko Ogawa, Takanao Saiki, Yuichi Tsuda, Manabu Yamada, Toru Kouyama, and Shingo Kameda
17 Title Target markers for image-based autonomous navigation
Authors Naoko Ogawa, Osamu Mori, Fuyuto Terui, Yuya Mimasu, Go Ono, Kent Yoshikawa, Seiji Yasuda, Kota Matsushima, Tetsuya Masuda, Hiroki Hihara, Junpei Sano, Daisuke Shimada, Kenji Oda, Takashi Matsuhisa, Satoshi Danno, Masashi Uo, Yuto Takei, Manabu Yamada, Takanao Saiki, and Yuichi Tsuda
18 Title Touchdown and sampling from asteroid Ryugu
Authors Kent Yoshikawa, Hirotaka Sawada, Shota Kikuchi, Yuya Mimasu, Naoko Ogawa, Go Ono, Fuyuto Terui, Yuto Takei, Takanao Saiki, and Yuichi Tsuda
19 Title Hayabusa2 radio science investigation
Authors Hitoshi Ikeda, Hiroshi Takeuchi, Shota Kikuchi, Yuya Mimasu, Naoko Ogawa, Kent Yoshikawa, Yuto Takei, Go Ono, Manabu Yamada, Toru Kouyama, Shingo Kameda, and Yuichi Tsuda
20 Title Ion engine system of Hayabusa2
Authors Satoshi Hosoda, Kazutaka Nishiyama, and Ryudo Tsukizaki
21 Title Sensitivity degradation of optical navigation camera and attempts for dust removal
Authors Naoko Ogawa, Yasuhiro Yokota, Koki Yumoto, Eri Tatsumi, Toru Kouyama, Tomokatsu Morota, Manabu Yamada, Satoshi Hosoda, Ryudo Tsukizaki, Kazutaka Nishiyama, Rie Honda, Seiji Sugita, Fuyuto Terui, Yuya Mimasu, Kent Yoshikawa, Go Ono, Yuto Takei, Takanao Saiki, and Yuichi Tsuda
22 Title Chemical propulsion system
Authors Osamu Mori, Kenichi Kushiki, Shujiro Sawai, Maki Shida, Yusuke Maru, Keisuke Michigami, Hideshi Kagawa, Taiichi Nagata, Junichi Nakatsuka, Daisuke Goto, Katsumi Furukawa, Tsuyoshi Takami, Hikaru Uramachi, Yuya Mimasu, Fuyuto Terui, Naoko Ogawa, Go Ono, and Kent Yoshikawa
23 Title Telecommunication subsystem and newly introduced Ka-band performance of HAYABUSA2 asteroid sample return mission
Authors Tomoaki Toda, Yuto Takei, and Atsushi Fujii
24 Title Hayabusa2 sample-return capsule: System description and re-entry flight
Authors Tetsuya Yamada and Keisuke Yoshihara
25 Title Hardware-in-the-loop simulator and real-time operation training of Hayabusa2
Authors Yuto Takei, Takanao Saiki, Akira Miura, Hiroshi Takeuchi, Atsushi Fujii, Yuya Mimasu, Kent Yoshikawa, Takanobu Shimada, Naoko Ogawa, and Yuichi Tsuda
26 Title Public relations and outreach from the Hayabusa2 project
Authors Makoto Yoshikawa, Elizabeth Tasker, Satoshi Hosoda, Moe Matsuoka, Yasuhiro Yokota, Satoru Nakazawa, and Yuichi Tsuda
27 Title Extended mission of Hayabusa2
Authors Yuya Mimasu, Shota Kikuchi, Yuto Takei, Takanao Saiki, Sei-ichiro Watanabe, Satoshi Tanaka, Masatoshi Hirabayashi, Naoya Sakatani, Toru Kouyama, Makoto Yoshikawa, Satoru Nakazawa, and Yuichi Tsuda
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