TOPICSLet’s meet with Le Petit Prince!
Million Campaign 2#

We are about to begin the “Million Campaign 2#”; the third part of the “Would you like to meet the Little Prince Campaign”. In 2#, your message can be sent to Hayabusa2 and stored in the memory of the spacecraft! The ticket for the Hayabusa2 Extended Mission (Hayabusa2#), “Solar System Tourist Pass”, will also be issued to everyone who sends us a message. We hope many of you will join us.

Please enter the “here” to send your message ← Do check the notes below before entering.
[Closing date for messages: December 6, 2022 (planned)]

The items you need to enter are as follows:

    ■ Name (up to 32 alphabetical characters, including spaces)
  • •Your name will be printed on your “Solar System Tourist Pass”, so be sure to enter this. You can use a pen name or nickname.
  • •Your entered name will not be sent to the spacecraft.
  • •And your name will not be made public.
    ■ Country (select from pull-down menu)
  • • Select your country or country of residence from the pull-down menu.
  • (The country name is used when generating the reserved seat number for the Solar System Tourist Pass.)
  • • Your country name will not be made public.
    ■ Message to be sent to the spacecraft (up to 64 alphabetical characters, including spaces)
  • • This message will be sent to the spacecraft.
  • • There are limitations on the characters than can be transmitted to the spacecraft, and system dependent characters cannot be used. The confirmation screen will be displayed after you enter your message, and you can confirm that your entered characters have displayed correctly. If there is a problem, you can replace the wrongly displayed characters and re-submit your message.
  • • The message here will not be made public.
    ■ Message to the Hayabusa2 Extended Mission (up to 256 alphabetical characters, including spaces)
  • • Here you can enter a message addressed to the Hayabusa2♯ Project! This message can be made public, and may be published on the Project website. If you would rather not have your message published, please do not check “I agree to my message being published”.

Example submission form. Click to enlarge. (©JAXA)


  • (1) The “Solar System Tourist Pass” will be used for future Hayabusa2♯ campaigns. In addition to your entered name, a reserved seat number will be shown. Please keep a record of your “passenger name” and “reserved seat number” as they will be required for future campaigns. If you download the file on the “Ticket complete” screen, your “Solar System Tourist Pass” will be in the downloaded PDF and can be printed or saved.
  • (2) Please do not share your “reserved seat number” with other people, as it is linked to your own campaign entry. If you would like to post your “Solar System Tourist Pass” on social media or elsewhere, you can press the button “Share ticket” on the “Ticket complete” screen which will create an “Solar System Tourist Pass” with the “reserved seat number” hidden.
  • (3) After your ticket has been issued, it is no longer possible to modify or delete what you have entered. It is also not possible to confirm the entered information, so please make a separate note if necessary.

Hayabusa2 departed from the Earth to begin a new journey on December 6, 2020 and continues to fly smoothly. In July 2026, the spacecraft will approach our first target, the asteroid 2001 CC21, for a flyby exploration. Then in December 2027 and June 2028, Hayabusa2 will approach the Earth to perform Earth swing-bys, and in July 2031, the spacecraft will arrive at the final destination, the asteroid 1998 KY26. Please enjoy the journey through space with the Hayabusa2♯ mission!

The journey of the Hayabusa2 Extended Mission (Hayabusa2#).
※ Indicates the number of orbits around the Sun. (©JAXA)

※Reference: About the previous “Let’s meet with Le Petit Prince! Million Campaign”

The first “Let’s meet with Le Petit Prince! Million Campaign” was held for the first Hayabusa mission. In June and July 2002, a year before the launch of Hayabusa, everyone sent us their names and we engraved these on a thin sheet that was mounted in a target marker (a guide for performing touchdown). The target marker was delivered to asteroid Itokawa in November 2005, containing the names of about 880,000 people.

The second “Let’s meet with Le Petit Prince! Million Campaign 2” ran from April to August 2013 before the launch of Hayabusa2, and collected names and messages. A sheet engraved with all the submitted names was included in the target markers for Hayabusa2, and the re-entry capsule was equipped with a memory chip containing both names and messages. The target markers were delivered to asteroid Ryugu in 2018 and 2019. The capsule returned to Earth on December 6, 2020, completing the round-trip to asteroid Ryugu. A total of 410,000 people participated in the “Million Campaign 2”.

Hayabusa2# Project