TOPICSOur re-entry capsule

We are conducting a post-flight analysis of the re-entry capsule collected in Australia for use in future engineering research and technology accumulation for future missions.

The condition of each capsule part is generally good, and the on-board equipment is functioning normally even after it was returned to the JAXA Sagamihara campus. A detailed analysis of the condition of the heat shield is currently underway.

Figure 1: Heat shield
(credit: JAXA)

In addition, data has been retrieved from the “Re-entry Environment Measurement Module” (REMM) that was mounted on the re-entry capsule to measure the airframe motion and temperature of each part of the capsule during the high-speed re-entry into the atmosphere. We have been able to confirm that the prescribed engineering data has been acquired.

Figure 2: Equipment onboard the re-entry capsule (REMM is at the top)
(credit: JAXA)

The re-entry capsule was also equipped with memory chips containing electronic files of names and messages that were submitted before launch from people all over the world. We removed the two memory chips and were able to read both normally: the virtual round-trip to asteroid Ryugu was completed successfully! We are currently designing a system that will allow everyone to search for written names and messages.

Figure 3: Chip removal work and the extracted chips
(credit: JAXA)

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