TOPICSVideo for the extended mission

Hayabusa2 will continue onto a new mission after delivering the “tamatebako” (treasure box) from Ryugu to the Earth. Referred to as the “extended mission”, the destination will be the small asteroid 1998 KY26. This is a long-term mission that exceeds 10 years and, after an itinerary of various events, we aim to rendezvous with the rapidly rotating 1998 KY26. We may also attempt particular challenges, such as dropping a target marker or touchdown.

To introduce this new mission, the Hayabusa2 Project has created “A New Challenge: Extended Mission”. In the video, Project Manager Yuichi Tsuda, Navigation Guidance and Control Officer Yuya Mimasu, Project Scientist Seiichiro Watanabe and Mission Manager Makoto Yoshikawa, along with other key team members, accessibly explain the new journey for Hayabusa2. Please enjoy this video, which conveys the enthusiasm and excitement of the project members as they undertake this seemingly difficult and challenging mission.(Video length: 3min 55sec)

  • Japanese

  • English

We have also prepared a high-resolution (about 540 MB) version of the video (Japanese / English) that can be shared to introduce everyone to this new mission. We hope you will join in our excitement for Hayabusa2’s new departure!

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