TOPICSRe-entry capsule will return to Earth
on December 6, 2020

JAXA is now in the process of applying for the permit to land the re-entry capsule from Hayabusa2 in Australia. This landing permit is referred to as the “Authorisation of Return of Overseas Launched Space Object”(AROLSO)and is issued by the Australian Government. The steps needed to obtain the AROLSO are underway in close cooperation with the Australian Space Agency (ASA). During this process, we reached the stage where the date for the return to Earth by Hayabusa2 could be confirmed, and a joint statement was issued by the ASA and JAXA on July 14, 2020.

Click here for the press release of the joint statement

The Hayabusa2 re-entry capsule will return to Earth in South Australia on December 6, 2020 (Australia and Japan time). JAXA and the ASA are continuing to work towards finalizing the return and recovery plan for the capsule, and the details will be finalized with the issuance of the AROLSO.

Artist impression of Hayabusa2 leaving the Earth as the capsule heads to the Earth’s surface. (©JAXA)

Reference1:Joint statement from ASA and JAXA

Reference2: 2020/7/14 Press briefing material

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