TopicsTD1-R3 operation schedule

The third touchdown rehearsal will be performed between October 23 – 25. The purpose of this rehearsal is to use the measured value recorded by the LRF (Laser Range Finder), that performs the altitude measurement at short distances, to control the spacecraft. If this is successful, we will also separate one of the target markers (TM) and attempt to track the detached TM. These operations will allow us to confirm the accuracy of the navigation guidance control at low altitudes of about 20m.

Main schedule for the TD1-R3 operation
Date & Time(UTC)Date & Time(JST)Spacecraft speed (cm/s)HP altitude (m)Near-point altitude (m)Event
10/22 23:3010/23 08:30020,000Communication via Usuda Deep Space Center begins
10/23 08:2010/23 17:20Communication via Madrid DSN begins
10/23 16:0010/24 01:00Comm. via Goldstone DSN begins
10/23 23:0010/24 08:00Comm, via Usuda begins
10/23 23:4010/24 08:40Preparation for descent begins
10/24 03:4010/24 12:40-4020,000Begin descent
10/24 06:4010/24 15:40Comm. via Canberra begins
10/24 08:2010/24 17:20Comm. via Madrid begins
10/24 08:3010/24 17:3013,000
10/24 14:0010/24 23:00-105,000Decelerate descent speed ΔV
10/24 16:1010/25 01:10Comm. via Goldstone begins
10/24 22:4010/25 07:401,500
10/24 23:0010/25 08:00Comm, via Usuda begins
10/25 01:2010/25 10:20500
10/25 02:0010/25 11:00250
10/25 02:3010/25 11:30020Target Marker (TM) release
10/25 02:5010/25 11:505020Ascent ΔV
10/25 03:2010/25 12:20900
10/25 04:1010/25 13:102,600
10/25 06:4010/25 15:40Comm. via Canberra begins
10/25 08:2010/25 17:20Comm. via Madrid begins
  • Time: Approximate schedule time (in 10 minute increments). There is a possibility that this may change during operation. The time is the onboard time, so confirmation of the event is the radiowave propagation time of about 18 minutes later.
  • Spacecraft speed: This is the speed relative to the asteroid (minus is towards the asteroid, positive is away). Numerical value is displayed only when speed control is performed. After a speed control operation, the speed changes due to the gravitational force of Ryugu and other celestial bodies.
  • HP altitude: Distance to the center of Ryugu.
  • Near point altitude: Distance to the surface of Ryugu.

Schematic of the TD1-R3 operation
TD1-R3 low altitude sequence
Note : Target Marker

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