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The operation to deploy the MASCOT lander to the surface of asteroid Ryugu will take place between September 30 – October 4. On September 30 and October 1, operations will involve preparation for the descent of the spacecraft, which will begin the decent from the home position (altitude of about 20km) on October 2. The separation of MASCOT is scheduled for October 3.

The provisional schedule at the current time is shown in the following table. A priority during operations is the safety of the spacecraft, so please note that the schedule may change depending on the situation.

MASCOT main schedule for deployment
Date & Time(UTC)Date & Time(JST)Spacecraft speed (cm/s)HP altitude (m)Near-point altitude (m)Event
9/30 00:009/30 09:00020,000Communication via Usuda Deep Space Center begins
9/30 08:409/30 17:40Communication via Madrid DSN begins
10/1 00:0010/1 09:00Comm. via Usuda begins
10/1 16:0010/2 01:00Comm. via Goldstone DSN begins
10/2 00:0010/2 09:00Comm. via Usuda begins
10/2 02:5010/2 11:50-4020,000Begin descent
10/2 07:0010/2 16:00Comm. via Canberra DSN begins
10/2 08:2010/2 17:20Comm. via Madrid DSN begins
10/2 13:1010/2 22:10-105,032Decelerate descent speed ΔV
10/2 16:0010/3 01:00Comm. via Goldstone DSN begins
10/2 21:4010/3 06:402,000
10/2 21:5010/3 06:501,500
10/2 23:2010/3 08:20Comm. via Usuda begins
10/3 00:3010/3 09:30500
10/3 01:2010/3 10:20250
10/3 ~02:0010/3 ~11:00~60Target altitude reached
10/3 ~02:0010/3 ~11:00-3Decelerate descent speed ΔV
10/3 ~02:0010/3 ~11:00~60MASCOT deployment
10/3 ~02:0010/3 ~11:00+50~60Post deployment upward ΔV
10/3 02:3010/3 11:301,000
10/3 06:5010/3 15:5003,000Confirmation of start of hovering
10/3 08:2010/3 17:20Comm. via Madrid DSN begins
10/3 16:0010/4 01:00Comm. via Goldstone DSN begins
10/4 00:0010/4 09:00Comm. via Usuda begins
10/4 08:2010/4 17:20Comm. via Madrid begins
10/4 11:3010/4 20:30TBDIncrease ΔV to return to home position
10/4 16:0010/5 01:00Comm. via Goldstone DSN begins
10/5 00:0010/5 09:00Comm. via Usuda DSN begins
10/5 06:0010/5 15:00020,000Return to home position
  • Time:Approximate schedule time (in 10 minute increments). There is a possibility that this may change during operation. The time is the onboard time, so confirmation of the event is the radiowave propagation time of about 17 ~ 18 minutes later.
  • Spacecraft speed:This is the speed relative to the asteroid (minus is towards the asteroid, positive is away). Numerical value is displayed only when speed control is performed. After a speed control operation, the speed changes due to the gravitational force of Ryugu and other celestial bodies.
  • HP altitude :Distance to the center of Ryugu.
  • Near point altitude:Distance to the surface of Ryugu.

Deployment sequence
Explanation of figure terms:
  • GCP-NAV:Ground Control Point Navigation, tool for image guided navigation during the descent operation
  • ONC-T:Optical Navigation Camera Telescopic (installed on the bottom of the spacecraft).
  • ONC-W1:Optical Navigation Camera Wide angle (installed on the bottom of the spacecraft).
  • ONC-W2:Optical Navigation Camera Wide angle (installed on the side of the spacecraft).
  • Attitude scan:change the attitude of the probe to photograph MASCOT.
MASCOT sequence

Note: Data from MASCOT will be processed and analyzed by the MASCOT team in Germany and France. The data from MASCOT will also be published by the MASCOT team.

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