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Have you ever seen a group photograph of the Hayabusa2 control room? Perhaps you were surprised by the crowd and wondered “there are so many people involved!” (I know I felt that way.) In fact, there are so many project members involved in Hayabusa2 that we cannot all fit in the control room.

In our new website “Haya2 Shigoto Zukan” (Hayabusa2 Team Profiles. Hayabusa2 is often called “Haya2” by the team members!) the people in the midst of the Hayabusa2 project will be revealed. We will introduce what kind of role each team played during the exploration mission phase; the people involved in Hayabusa2 as engineers, scientists, managers and supporting staff. The site is designed to be easy for children to read, so please enjoy exploring this together. Did you find unfamiliar words or interesting sounding jobs? Please spread your antenna and check books and websites to deepen your knowledge. If you have a chance, ask a question at a live talk or lecture. Our team members are always happy to explain the details!

At launch, Hayabusa2 weighed 600kg and brought a mission packed with engineering and scientific plans! When Hayabusa2 completed the round-trip to Ryugu on December 6, 2020, it handed us a tamatebako (treasure box) full of samples as promised, and then went off on a new journey without a rest. Even at this moment, Hayabusa2 is moving forward through outer space while continuing to communicate with us on Earth. Back on Earth, the analysis of the Ryugu samples is underway. Please keep an eye on the different events related to Hayabusa2 and let’s enjoy the science and exploration of Haya2 together!

Group photo of the control room (credit: JAXA)

Moe Matsuoka

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